Significance of the research

The projects within the SwedBurn network all in one way or another aim to improve the acute care as well as rehabilitation after burns with the goal of optimizing the long term outcome for the patients. The multidisciplinary qualifications of the network facilitate research into biological and psychological mechanisms of adaptation, development of validated clinical instruments, and clinical interventions. The network provides the opportunity to study a nationwide population of patients with burns which increases the possibility of obtaining highly representative samples.One important aspect is development of interventions that are easily applicable in burn care and in the burn population that has a vast geographical spread. One such approach is internet-based cognitive behavioural treatment for psychological problems.Burn injury provides an excellent model for severe trauma with a protracted recovery. Therefore, the results can be generalized and facilitate the development of new treatment strategies that can improve outcome also after other severe conditions with an increased risk for maladation due to the accumulated effect of psychiatric morbidity and postinjury somatic problems.